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Seasonal ingredients, above everything

At OiO we strive to serve high quality seasonal fresh ingredients. We offer an everchanging italian inspired menu using fresh ingredients delivered daily to provide an uncomplicated and memorable experience for our guests.

Pasta made to order

All our pasta is always fresh, home made

and stuffed at every order.

We believe that fresh is best, and that it is essential for there to be the shortest time from when the pasta is rolled out to that when it arrives on your table.

Local wheat flour, fresh eggs and skillful movements create happy smiles!


Sustainability is key

We strive to archive a zero waste kitchen, where day old focaccia, vegetable stems or fish bones find new life and become part of recipes.

We only use sustainably raised and caught

fish and animals in our kitchen. We prefer to work with small producers that respect the uniqueness of the product as well as the environment in which it is made

We are a young team that believe that how we work today will shape the world we will live in tomorrow. 

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